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14th floor views - We stopped by an open house in our building, apartment 14g. It's hard to believe this is the building that we live in. Our views don't look like this. - September 2012

Maine Vacation - We rented a cabin in Jonesport, Maine for a week - July 2012

Rachel's new office - I helped Rachel move to a new office in the Federal building. Also some pictures from the neighborhood. - 3/28/2012

River Road - Foliage & action shots on River Road - 11/13/2011

Birthday party at the Oyster Bar - Birthday party for Rachel, Gabrielle, Donna, and John at the Oyster Bar - 11/13/2011

Mohonk birthday weekend - Rachel & I stayed at the Minnewaska Lodge the weekend of my birthday. We were hoping to do some leaf peeping, but instead we went for a winter hike!

Our wedding - Pictures and movies from our wedding, on June 12 2011, in New Paltz NY.

Hurricane Irene - the storm was somewhat of a non-event on the east side.

Walton visit - August 2011

Kitchen renovation - Picture sets from various stages of our kitchen renovation project.

New Paltz visit - Fall 2010 - leaf peeping! I went mountain biking in Minnewaska on my father's bike. I also took some pictures of a rainbow and a beautiful sunset after I was done biking.

Maker Faire in New York - A sort of steampunk renaissance fair, with lots of robots and computers thrown into the mix. My favorites were the fish bike and the rocket ponies.

Geneva - Visiting Rachel in Geneva, August 2010. We visited Zermatt for 5 days and did a lot of hiking. We later visited Montpellier, in the south of France, for another 5 days. There are also plenty of pictures of Genva itself. These picture sets are, so far, unedited. There are over 1000 photos! Eventually we'll rank them and there will be a more manageable quantity, but so far there are a LOT of pictures.

    Please consider supporting my participation in the Hazon 2010 NY environmental bike ride.

Pictures from my Hazon ride.

New custom road bike - I had a custom steel frame made for me by a one-man shop in Brooklyn - Johnny Coast. There's some pictures of the frame as the Coast shop, along with one picture of the bike after it was built up.

Coast bike shop - Visting the frame builder before the welding begun. There's some pictures of the parts - frame tubes, fork tubes, lugs, and the bottom bracket, as well as the paint book I chose from. I picked Sherwood green, as you can see in the above link!

Escape New York - Every year, the New York Cycle Club puts on a tour - Escape New York - that's open to the cycling public. Rachel & I volunteered to help out throughout the day for this ride. We worked at the Rockland Lake rest stop. The earlier pictures were taken at Sakura Park at 125th & Riverside, which is where the ride started and ended.

Garbage Ride - The NYCC has adopted a section of 9w, and has yearly bike rides with an hour break for picking up trash on the road. Rachel & I led the b16 garbage ride - we cleaned up the section of 9w near the entrance of Tallman Mountain park. You may notice an abundance, if not an irrational exuberance, of motorcycles. We apparently had stumbled upon the Andione motorcycle run, which meant that we had to wait 20 minutes before we could cross to pick up the trash on the other side of the road.
Rachel & I got a mention in a Newark newspaper the next day - See the article

Yellowstone - Rachel & I have returned from a backpacking trip in Yellowstone national park. It was beautiful. We did a 6-day trip though the backcountry with an outfitter, my cousin Howie's company Big Wild Adventures). We also spent a couple of days driving to some of the famous attractions - mammoth hot springs, the grand canyon of the Yellowstone, and the geyser basin near Old Faithful. The best part of the trip might have been having a mini-burger and fries at the family restaurant in Gardiner when we finished the 6 days of backpacking. We also have pictures taken by the Zankmans, who were in our hiking group.
GPS Trace of our hiking route for each of the days in Yellowstone. On the first night of our trip, a very large bear visited our camp!

SpokePOV - My LED billboard for a bicycle wheel! This is a long-term project for building an LED display for my bicycle wheel. The circuit boards have a line of LEDs, along with a magnet sensor. When the wheel spins, you see a circular billboard of whatever image you like. I'm actively soliciting suggestions for more images. Please email to me BMP monochrome bitmaps that you think will look good on my bicycle wheel. Animations of up to four frames will also work.

Sam's Point - Hiking at Sam's Point with Rachel, along with Dan and Elissa. It's the same hike we did last fall, but it looked entirely different as all of the plants have just turned green for spring.

Century Loop - Riding the loop again, with Rachel & Dan in May.

Century Loop - Testing the Hazon Century loop that I have devised for this year's ride. It was a sublime ride!

Lost City - Hiking, with full camping packs, at the Mohonk Preserve. Practice for our trip to Yellowstone in June!

Homebuilt bicycle wheel - I attended a class hosted by Richard Rosenthal of the New York Cycle Club, in which he coached us as we built our own bicycle wheels. I ordered a Campy rear hub, a DT swiss 1.1 rim, and 32 spokes. At the end of the class, I'd built myself a reasonably well-trued rim! Ordering the hub was extremely tricky, as my bike uses the venerable 8-speed gruppo. I was not able to find any vendors still selling Campy 8-speed hubs. However, I was able to find a Campy Record 9-speed 32-hole rear hub. There is a KIT-03 set of adapter rings, which are visible as blue rings between the cogs. These allow you to buy 9-speed cogs, and choose the 8 you wish to use. Initially, my bike did not shift properly with this seemingly kludgy setup. However when I removed the inner shim ring that Campagnolo suggested I use, the bike shifted absolutely perfectly.

Hazon planning retreat - Visiting Isabella Freedman in January 2009 to begin planning for the Hazon 2009 NY bike ride. Also some beautiful Winter Pictures at Freedman.

Trip to Vermont - Visiting family for a ski weekend in Vermont Dec 2008

Rachel's birthday - Rachel's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving this year. We went out for dinner at Le Boeuf a La Mode, which is on 81st and East End Avenue. It was some of the best food we've ever had. After dinner I told Rachel that I had a surprise for her, and we'd need to go for a walk (with our luggage) in order to pick it up. The surprise was to stay for a night at the Hotel Franklin! It's near the subway stop at 86th street.

Thanksgiving 2008 - Thanksgiving at Port Jervis

Surprise party - Rachel threw a surprise party for me, on my 40th birthday! It's the first time I've ever had a surprise party. It was worth the wait. Thanks sweetie! October 08

Nassau before/after painting - Pictures of 29 Nassau Road, before and after it was painted. It's really something to see each room compared to how it looked before the paint job. It's also interesting to see little details that were removed in preparation for the house showing, such as the cat sling, x10 switches, large clumps of wires, and other such items. September 08

Country Roads - The yearly tour hosted by the Orange Country Bicycle Club. This is the second year we've done this ride. This time around we didn't take any pictures during the actual ride. Last year we took pictures, and ended up finishing after they packed up the food. This year we got in very late, but there was still a little food left. Instead there is a picture of Camelly, who accompanied us on the ride with flair and elegance. There's also pictures of the Impala SS convalescing on Lime Kiln Road, and lots of pictures of onion fields outside of Pine Island. September 08

Hazon 2008 ride - The NY Hazon ride. This year, we rode a 100 mile loop based at Camp Kinder Ring on Sunday, and then rode to NYC on Monday mostly via 9w. When Rachel got to Kinder Ring on day 1, we had only 99 miles on the odometer. We rode back and forth a few times along the road to the KR, and then finally entered once we'd hit 100. Rachel and I were members of Team Swimmy the Fish for this ride. Swimmy manned (fished?) the SAG vehicle in his Lambourghini! August 08

House work - Having the house painted in preparation for putting it on the market in September. August 08

Hike to Gertrude's Noes - Hiking in the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska state park. Rachel and I have attempted to visit The Nose many times in the past, but each time we had to cut short due to either lack of time or heavy rainfall. On this occasion we finally made it to The Nose! Some interesting flora and fauna viewed along the way included a dazzling array of fungi (amply documented), a vicious nest of copperhead snakes, and the longest millipede I've ever seen. August 08

NYC Thunderstorm - viewed from the terrace at Rachel's apartment. The sky was really exciting to see. August 08

Ice Caves Hike - Visiting the greater ice caves, in Ellenville, New York. This is a truly unique area, and hike leaders must obtain a permit to enter. The greater ice caves are very deep rifts in the ground, with very large hunks of ice at the bottom. When we did this hike, it was almost 90 degrees outside. It was below freezing inside the rifts! It's a strange sensation to have frozen hands, outdoors, in the middle of the summer. An unexpected treat at the end of the hike was the walk past a waterfall just west of route 52 in Ellenville. This waterfall is easily accessible off of route 52 at the town line, and makes a unique 0.5 or 1 mile hike on its own. July 08

Hazon Israel Ride - May 2008 - Rachel & I have put together a gallery of our favorite shots from the ride -- look here for a overview of our trip. You can also browse a detailed selection of shots from each day of our trip using the links below. The GPS traces show exactly where our bike trip took us as we traveled through Israel.

    ALL PICTURES: Pre-ride packing (9), Haifa and Lake Kenerret (137), Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea (67), Jerusalem (109), d1:Jerusalem to Ashkelon (63), d2:Ashkelon to Mashabei Sadeh (57), d3:Mashabei Sadeh to Mitzpeh Ramon (31), d4:Mitzpeh Ramon to Ketura (77), d5:Ketura to Eilat (30), Eilat touring (31)

    Google Maps GPS Traces: Israel ride route, Pre-ride trips

Thunderstorm - in Montclair, viewed from the front porch. June 08

Nassau Foliage - Some plants in my front yard in Montclair. The rose bush is simply amazing. It's pumping out roses almost all year long! Also if you look carefully at the tree, you will see that it is chock full of yellow and orange flowers. It's a tulip tree. It was used many centuries ago for making canoes, since the trunk is long and straight. Finally I have a question for you eagle-eyed bug enthusiasts out there. What the heck are the little tiny red bugs? I saw quite a lot of them swarming on the curb. They're REALLY tiny. June 08

Mother's Day - Dinner at Tuptim in Montclair. May 08

The Kitties - Rachel's kitties. May 08

Aborted test ride - our attempt at test-riding the new Hazon 2008 day 1 route was aborted after 20 miles, due to very cold rain. April 08

Peter's Kill Hike - Hiking along the High Peter's Kill to Compass Rock, with the Singles and Sociables hiking group of the Mohonk Preserve. It was supposed to rain, but fortunately it did not and we had a beautiful day for hiking. - Mar 08

Purim - This year Rachel was a genetically modified beet, and I was a beet scientist. Pictures of our costumes and the construction process - Mar 08

Bloomfield bike ride - Visiting the East West market in Bloomfield, next door to my old apartment at Davey Street. Yummy Asian food - Mar 08

DC trip - Traveling to Washington DC via Amtrak (very crowded!) - Mar 08

Hazon exec retreat - at Stratton, VT, Feb 08

Winter 08 pictures - Rachel's kitties, and one blue egg. Jan 08

Time's Up - New Years Eve - A Critical Mass ride on New Year's eve, culminating with an outdoor party (with a marching band) at Belvedere Castle in Central park. The ride passed very near Times Square, and as such we got to see the penned-in masses cheer us on as we rode up the avenues. Dec 07

Fallingwater - Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in western PA. Truly a masterpiece. Dec 07

December 07 misc pictures - Hanging out in NJ, shopping in "Little India" in Jersey City to make Potato Kurma, The Kitties, The Turnips, misc cooking adventures.

Old Subway cars - In December, the MTA will run a vintage train on the V line on Sunday afternoons. They take some of the cars in the transit museum, and build a train! It was really wonderful to ride these old cars -- even more fun than visiting them in the museum. Dec 07

Thanksgiving prep - cooking pies for Thankgiving dinner. Also NJ foliage. Nov 07

Kiku - Visiting the Bronx Botanical Gardens - the Kiku Chrysanthemum exhibit. Nov 07

Swimmy the Fish - Swimmy is a small knit fish. He's a finger puppet. But he knows what he wants. Swimmy wants a Lamborghini! I am now attempting to persuade my cousin Andy to name his jazz band "Swimmy the Fish" and I have promised him free bicycle-based advertising in New York City if he uses the name. The pictures show Swimmy as a suave and successful Fish about Town, and also show his Harrowing Adventures.

Liz's wedding - Pictures from my sister's wedding in Washington DC. Nov 07

Sam's Point - Hiking at the Sams Point nature preserve just southwest of the Minnewaska State park. Rachel & I hiked to Verkeerder Kill Falls, then north along the High Point trail, and then south back to the Sam's Point visitor center. It was peak leaf-peeping season, and also it was the day after a big rainstorm. This is probably the very best hike I've ever done!! Here are detailed directions in case you'd like to try the hike for yourself. Oct 07

Camping trip to Triple Brook - We stayed overnight at the Triple Brook campsite in Hope NJ. It's just down the road from the Three Sister's Winery -- I noticed a sign on the road when I did a bike ride after our Roche field trip. Rachel & I brought the pop-up tent and our bikes. We did the same bike ride twice, on Saturday and Sunday. The loop is really amazingly beautiful and a wonderful bike ride. Oct 07

Sea Gull Century - A century ride in eastern Maryland. It was very beautiful, and absolutely no traffic at all. Oct 07

Garden of Eve visit - Visiting our CSA farm on the North Fork of Long Island. Our weekly veggie haul comes from here! Sep 07

Four sisters winery - A work field trip! Roche Discovery Chemistry took the afternoon off and headed out to the country for a visit to a NJ winery. It was a beautiful place. Afterwards I went for a bike ride. The roads are as beautiful as those up in the Berkshires. A highlight was visiting "Shades of Death" road in Warren County NJ. Sep 07

Hazon post-ride party - A party at The Delancey, near the entrance to the Williamsburg bridge. It was a lower key soiree than last year. Included is a picture of the slide projector setup, along with a picture of the always fun mens lounge. Sep 07

Greeting card - An art exhibition at the Manhattan Armory at 66 & Park. A canvas roughly 100x300 FEET was laid out on the floor of the armory, and covered with several layers of colorful paints. It was then covered over with black paint. Then six motorcycles drove over the canvas, and spun their rear wheels (burnouts) in order to uncover the paint. It was designed as a tribute to Jackson Pollock. I spent most of my visit being fascinated by the Armory building, and as such I didn't get too many pictures of the artwork itself. As I was taking pictures of the Tiffany-designed clock, with the little dynamite sticks, I was told I could no longer take pictures. Of course, I was also told I could not go upstairs, but when I said that the other guy at the desk said it was OK to go upstairs, he checked on the walkie talkie and then decided to let me go upstairs. I felt sheepish enough to not take any pictures from the upstairs balcony but it was really the only vantage point where you could see the artwork in its entirety. Sep 07

Summer 2007 - misc shots - Cool pictures of the night sky from my bedroom windowe, hanging out on the porch, new sheets, the cat, a bottlecap, and a very cool buggie I spotted on a string bean. Sep 07

Pictures taken with telescope - I looked into seeing if my old Meade ETX90 telescope could be hooked up to my new Sony SLR, and it turns out that it can! You can pretty much hook up any SLR camera (digital or film) to a telescope. The telescope must have a T-mount or a T-mount kit. You then buy a T-mount adapter specific to your SLR camera, and then you are ready to go. The ETX90 is equivalent to a 1250mm lens with a fixed aperture of f13.8. These pictures were taken a little before sundown. They are a little murky, but it was a LOT of fun taking such long-distance shots! I think the telescope will take much better shots if I can try it out mid-day when it is very sunny. The shots are generally of the Manhattan skyline as viewed from the Eagle Rock Reservation in Montclair, NJ. Sep 07

Orange County Country Roads - A fabulous tour run by my old bike club, the Orange County Bicycle Club. The slogan used to be "More food than a wedding". Now it is, as far as I know, "The only tour you'll finish heavier than when you started." The ride is beautiful, and you get a chance to see camels, ducks, chickens, geese, tiny horses, and all sorts of other exotic animals such as bikers.

Hazon 2007 NY ride - Riding from the Isabella Freedman Jewish environmental retreat center in Falls Village, Connecticut to New York, NY over Labor Day weekend. I planned the bike route, which will included a 50 mile standard route and a 100 mile century for day 1 of the trip.
Also here is the slide show shown during the post-ride party on the 20th. Hazon River Road training ride - The week before the NY ride - six of us did this training ride. It was nice! Aug 07

New Sony a100 digital SLR camera - pictures I took upon taking ownership of a new Sony a100 digital SLR. I had been waiting patiently, for many years, for Minolta to come out with a digital SLR. I own a Minolta 7000i SLR, which has been gathering dust in the closet for well over a decade. I've got a posse of lenses for this guy, and I've been wanting to get a digital SLR to make use of the lenses again. To be honest when the Minolta 5d & 7d came out I did not notice! But I did notice an article about the Sony A100 somewhere or other, and I was intrigued when it mentioned that it was compatible with old Minolta AF lenses. I did some research, and sure enough it is compatible with ALL of the old Minolta AF lenses, including those made by other companies. My old flash, a 3200i, unfortunately only works in full-blast mode and is just about useless as a modern flash unit. Anyhow, this camera has been taking truly fabulous pictures using my old Minolta lenses. It is really far beyond my Canon S3-IS camera, which is quite nice but it is not in the SLR class in terms of the quality of pictures it takes. If you've got an old Minolta SLR camera with some lenses, you owe it to yourself to seriously consider getting the A100! It's quite reasonably priced, at $600 for just the body. The last 15 or so pictures are taken with a Sigma 14mm wide angle lens I bought on ebay. It's a super fun lens to use!!! Aug 07

Sussex county fair - Lots of animals! Aug 07

Tuv Ha-Aretz pickup - at Anche Cheset in Manhattan. Tuv Ha-Aretz is the CSA (consumer supported agriculture) that Rachel & I belong to. We pre-paid an organic farmer on Long Island for a share of their crop, and each week we pick up a big share of veggies. My own Hazon fundraising helps support Tuv Ha-Aretz! - Aug 07

Rachel's Kitties - pictures of Rachel's new kittens, Mr. Peabody and George Eliot. WARNING - these kittens are dangerously cute! Aug 07

Minisink Valley 20th year reunion (Class of 1987) - Pictures taken by George Walters, Friday get-together, Saturday formal at Wallkill golf club, Sunday trip to the Natural History Museum in Manhattan, NY.

Bike party - biking from NYC to my house - Jul 07

Minnewaska - Hiking & mountain biking at Minnewaska - Jul 07

Lapland Lake - Staying at Lapland Lake with Cheryl & Devin, near Northville, in the south of Adirondack State Park - Jul 07

Cornwall visit - Visting Eric & Geebes in Cornwall - hiking, veggie preparation - Jul 07

Veggie cooking - Some of the veggies we've gotten at Tuv Ha'Aretz, our food CSA (consumer supported agriculture). Includes a picture of me with my new Ortliebs, used to haul the veg! June 07.

Tulip tree - and other yard flora at 29 Nassau.

Kayaking - at the meadowlands with Rachel - May 07.

Bronx Ramble - Riding in Yonkers & the Bronx to check out tweaking the Hazon day 2 route - May 07.

NJ-NYC bike route riding through Hackensack and other towns, along with rare train spottings. A few shots of NYC as well, and a couple of 5 boro bike ride pictures with the Freds.

Branch Brook Park - peak time for the cherry blossom trees. April 07.

Hazon DC ride - Rachel & I were crew (the sweep vehicle). We camped out at the Sanctuary retreat center the weekend before the ride. April 07.

Impala retirement - Dan picks up the Impala for convalescence in Slate Hill, NY. April 07.

New Paltz hiking April 07.

Purimspiel at Makor. Dogs and cats! Mar 07.

Hazon planning retreat - at Cousin Abby's house in West Stockbridge, MA, Feb 07. We had snow!!

Transit Museum - in Brooklyn, Feb 07.

Astrid's visit - to NYC, Feb 07.

Tu B'Shevat seder - hosted by Hazon, Feb 07.

Mt Snow ski trip - with Roche ski club, Jan 07.

Biking to Roosevelt Island - Biking to Roosevelt Island with the Freds, Jan 07.

haircut - with Rachel's hairdresser Joseph, Jan 07.

Limmud NY - my pictures from Limmud (at Friar Tuck in Catskill NY), Jan 07.

Chicago trip - Rachel & I visiting Chicago. We took the train and used our folding bikes (AKA the Freds) December 2006.

Buffalo trip - Visiting Don in Buffalo, December 2006.

Hazon food conference - at Isabella Freedman, December 2006.

Hazon test ride - Riding the entire Westchester bike trail (along with some improvisations), November 2006. Also the Full picture set

Easton visit - Visiting my friend Don and his family in Easton, November 2006.

Yonkers ride - Riding the trail in Van Cortland park, and north into Westchester.

Bronx Botanical Gardens - Rachel & I visiting the Bronx Botanical Gardens, Chihuly exhibit, October 2006

New Paltz trip - Hiking, biking, and apple picking in New Paltz, October 2006

Struedel ride - visiting Noa's grandma in Teaneck Sep 17, 2006

Hazon 2006 ride - Labor day weekend, 2006

Stateline park - training ride - July 29, 2006

Westwood Diner - training ride - July 29, 2006

Dinner - after seeing Becky Drysdale perform at Upright Citizens Brigade - July 27, 2006

Bike to the Beach - with Hazon - July 16, 2006

My cat Cinco - July 2006

Iris Gardens - visiting the iris gardens in Mountainside park in Montclair - June 2006

Deer - visiting my front yard in bucolic Montclair NJ - June, 2006

2006 Hazon Israel bike ride: I rode over 400 miles in May 2006, in Israel, to raise money for Jewish environmental organizations. To support this valuable organization, please use the DONATE link above. Photos below:
Photo Album - 130 pictures, close to the final cut for my hardcover album
Favorites - 19 pictures, for a quick flip
Online Album - a superset of about 300 pictures, if the first set of 130 wasn't enough for you!
Satellite map of our route - Day 1, climbing the hills out of Jerusalem, then on to Ashkelon
Darfur march - with Limmud, April 30, 2006

Hazon Beit Midrash - Closing day, April 2006

Railroad walk - hiking along the railroad tracks under route 3, right next to Roche in Nutley! Feb 2006

Bonticou Crag hike, Sat Jan 21, 2006

Hazon office - helping to install ethernet cable

Limmud 2006 at Kutshers country club, Jan 12-16, 2006

Tova Hartman "Light in the Darkness" retreat - at Isabella Freedman retreat center in CT, 12/2 - 12/4, 2005

Wanaque Hike - at Wanaque, NJ, 11/20/2005

Ellen & David's wedding - at West Point, 11/6/2005

Birthday party - pictures from my birthday party. Attendees biked from Grant's Tomb in NYC to my place in Montclair!

Sukkot dinner - at Bnai Abraham in Livingston NJ

Kayak Trip - I organized a kayak trip to the Meadowlands for mosaic in October. Directions to Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus in case you'd like to visit yourself!

Sukkot Party - on Julie's terrace in Brooklyn. Also construction pictures

Brooklyn cue sheet - My first foray into making custom Google maps! This is a cue sheet for a bike ride I developed that takes you through various streets in Brooklyn that (mostly) have bike lanes. Pictures from the ride

Amy's birthday party - at soda bar in Brooklyn

Heidi's dinner - September 2005

Hazon 2005 NY Ride - pictures from my Hazon 2005 NY ride!!

Livnot retreat - Camp Moshava, Honesdale PA, August 2005

Great Adventure - trip with Roche Chemistry department, August 2005

Miscellaneous pictures - summer 2005

Bike to the Beach - Coney Island - July 10, 2005

Vermont trip - July 2005

Mohonk hike - June 26, 2005 at the Mohonk Hotel with Liz

Jewish Coalition for Service Alumni retreat - June 17-19 at Isabella Freedman

Tuv Ha'Aretz farm tour at Starbrite farms in Blairstown, NJ - 6/12/2005

MVHS - lunch afterwards - June 3-4 weekend for the Minisink Valley Central School 50th anniversary festivities. The next day we had lunch at "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

Hazon day 1 - extra loop - pictures I took test-driving the extra 40 mile loop for day 1 of the upcoming Hazon ride.

Starbrite farms - bike ride cue sheet

Five boro bike ride with Hazon crew - 5/1/2005

Bike to Shabbat at BK. Apres-service 5 mile route, 4/30/2005

Tuv Ha'Aretz - Information and article

Flat fixin party! at Cheryl's place 4/12

Gates construction project

Fire Island weekend for Hazon planning conference- 3/31/05-4/3/05

Hazon 2005 planning: Finalized day 1 route, Finalized day 2 route, Martha's Vineyard route, older files

COEJL conference - 2/27/05-3/1/05 in Washington, DC

The Gates - my visit on Sat 2/19/2005

Mt. Snow trip - 2/11 - 2/13 2005 with the Roche ski club

Minnewaska cross-country skiing - 2/5/2005 with the MOSAIC outdoor group

My trip to Israel with Livnot - 12/27/2004 - 1/3/2005

Forgotten NY - Hamilton Heights - walking tour of NYC. Check for other tours at - 12/12/2004

NY Times plant tour - with my father, as a Montclair Adult School program. We left the Montclair high school via bus for NYC at 5:30 and visited the headquarters at 43rd street plus the printing plant at Edison. We arrived back in Montclair at about 2:30 am. 12/3/2004.

Diwali lunch - with Roche people, at Jyoti in Fairfield 11/16/2004.

Liz's co-op - visiting in Nov 2004

My house - fall pictures, Nov 2004

East Coast Greenway ride - Riding from Jersey City to Staten Island, ferry to Manhattan, up west side path, to the GWB and then back to Jersey City (map only) 11/14/2004.

464 Kingsland - in Nutley - Roche house for lottery 10/16/2004.

Mill Creek kayak trip - Visting the new boat launch at Mill Creek off of the Hackensack river. 10/8/2004.

Airplane annual - At Resnick airport with Chris. There's no pictures of the plane all taken apart this time. If you need to see that then go to the 2003 annual lower down! 10/2/2004.

PaNaMa block party - My block's block party. Mostly pictures of the fire truck that stopped by! 9/26/2004

New York Century - Riding in New York City for 80 miles. 9/12/2004

Meadowlands with Stella - Visiting Laurel Hill park with Stella, kayaking, and some unexpected rapids under the NJ Turnpike. Also some fabulous sunset shots. 9/11/2004

Misc pictures - Pictures with the new infrared filter, spiderwebs, saltshaker. 9/12/2004

Hazon weekend - The big Hazon ride, from Falls Village, Connecticut to New York City. I rode 100 miles the first day, towing a trailer! Labour day weekend, Sep 2004

Acadia - camping at Acadia national park in Maine

Hazon ride - from Grant's tomb to Cold Spring, NY (70 miles) August 8, 2004

Some pictures of Stella & me - August 2004

Spruce Run reservoir - Kayaking with Stella, her friend Erika and Erika's mom Gilda

Bike ride to Coney Island - with friends from work, July 2004

Delaware Water Gap - Hiking with Stella, July 2004

Montreal - trip to Montreal in May 2004

Brooklyn tour - Lyn, Dennis, and George visit and we walk to Brooklyn from downtown, June 2004

Kayak trip in the Meadowlands - with George in June 2004

Lincoln Tunnel Race - 5k race through the Lincoln Tunnel, April 2004

n77836 annual - The Cessna 152 that I co-own with Dan, taken apart for the yearly annual May 2003

college pictures - back when I looked like a hippie! 1988 - 1992

Cinco with kittens - Spring 2002

High school pictures 1986 - 1989

Minisink Valley High school - pictures from 1987

Minisink Valley 10 year reunion class of 1987 (Summer 1997)

John's Bar Mitzvah - 6/19/1982

Macintosh Purity Test - circa 1993. An Apple geek's wink at the ever-popular purity test of the 80's and 90's.

Nassau cam - timelapse web cam pointing out my front window.

Montclair to NYC bike ride - Here is my fabled Montclair to NYC bike route, via the George Washington Bridge. It's a nice ride, with very few high-traffic roads. However it's a bit tricky to learn. This a Google Maps version, so you can drag & zoom to explore the route. The line is not perfect on top of the roads, as I drew the route in Delorme Street Atlas 2004 and then exported lat/long co-ordinate sets for use in a Javascript page controlling the map.

More bike cue sheets - NJ Routes:
From Loantaka Park: 25 miles, less hilly "Swamp 25" route
From Whippany JCC: 22 miles, 30 miles
From West Orange JCC: 15 miles, 25 miles

Westchester rail trail - Ride the full length of Westchester county (north to south) along the north and south trailways. The link includes connector routes for breaks in the trail, as well as some extra mileage in southern Putnam county.

Powerline ride - riding under the Clifton powerline near Route 3, Montclair country club. 9/20/2004.

My 1994 Impala SS - When I first got my 1994 Impala SS, I was heavily into "modding" it. Mostly with funky stereo and electronics projects, although I did add the occasional (and almost always ill-conceived) engine mod.

Dan's Crane - What that he bought on Yahoo and drove home from LA

Pumpkins - fun ideas for pumpkin carving

Passover Peeps - Peeps act out the 10 plagues! Super fun for the whole family.

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test - do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? A nifty animated GIF optical illusion

Computer technology explained - using potty language to explain how computers work.

Drink Up - A New Yorker article about Fred Franzia, the man behind "Two Buck Chuck" an (apparantly) popular wine sold at Trader Joe's. He is a major force in the budget wine industry.

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